G-TECH Maximum safety

In GEMINIS we work closely with INVEMA, the Spanish Machine Tool Research Foundation, to correctly implement the necessary safety measures for the safe use of our machines and to develop them with the environment in mind.

We opt for safety and recommend exceeding the requirements of current regulations and the CE declaration of conformity. In order to guarantee maximum safety, we have implemented several technical improvements to GEMINIS LATHES to make our machines leaders in safety.

In our commitment to guarantee maximum safety, we have developed an integral fairing to allow optimal chip, drilling, oil and machining dust removal while offering operators maximum safety. By using this integral fairing, the machine can be handled entirely from the outside. The fairing is also a barrier for noise and reduces the noise produced by the machine, which is very difficult to achieve in an industrial plant.

Solutions for each customer

In order to ensure perfect and constant machine operation, the dimensions of the fairing and its components are designed according to the needs and specifications of each machine and customer.


G-Tech - Ecodesign

ECODESIGN is a new methodology from GEMINIS that we have brought to our machines. Always seeking maximum sustainability and faithful to our commitment to the environment, we have included an additional factor to be borne in mind when developing our products.
This concept is based on reducing the product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle. In other words, from the reception of the raw materials and components forming a machine until its elimination once disposed of. Thanks to this methodology, in GEMINIS we have been awarded the ISO 14006:2011 Ecodesign certificate.


This management system will also allow us to adapt to the new regulations on energy consumption which are applicable to our machines in the European Commission’s approval process.