Multiprocess horizontal lathes

Why multiprocess?

Multifunction machines, which combine lathing, milling, boring and grinding operations, have a series of advantages over conventional machines. By integrating the capacity to perform several machining processes in one machine, parts can be finished in one go without machine changes, allowing:
• time saving and improved delivery times
• cost reduction
• improved part quality, increased precision and a smaller risk of errors
• fewer staff required
• savings in equipment, plant area and intermediate warehouses
• better production management and machine work load
• technological differentiation from the competition


Why Geminis?

• Increased precision:
o thanks to the bearings, the linear spindles have greater maintenance-free positioning accuracy than other solutions
o maximum thermal stability of the machine components thanks to a centralised refrigeration system
o high accuracy C-axis spindle, with a master-slave system
o possibility of fitting hydrostatic steady rests to guarantee the elimination of the run-out
o possibility of including cylindrical grinding with specific Geminis cycles. Automatic grinding wheel balancing and GAP and CRASH system.
• Dynamic:
o a machine with guiding on bearings and high dynamic capacity to allow high productivity milling operations
o fast tool changes thanks to the built-in tool store on the column for storing milling and lathing tools
o milling heads of up to 4,000 rpm and 52 kW
• Flexibility:
o automatic change of accessories: milling, lathing, grinding, boring…
o automatic tool change
o possibility of customising the machine with a range of accessories: steady rests, milling heads…
• Accessibility: the ramming system allows access to narrow areas
• Comfort: the operator’s location is optimal with respect to the work area

Semi-heavy Duty Series - Multiprocess lathe