Vertical machine for boring applications

For wheel hub boring

· Personalized interfaces
· Automatic measuring systems
· Automatic machining of the optimum profile
· Measuring reports
· Key parameters communication between machines
· Automatic loading / unloading systems for all type of lathes

· Designed for all range of wheel dimensions
· Storage buffer at the entrance of the conveyor
· Wheel input area before processing
· Wheels loading and unloading system to the machining area
· Wheel output area after processing
· Storage buffer at the exit of the conveyor
· Integrated to the GR3-W machine
· Software
· Safety guarding

Max. Wheel tread diameter 840-1,250 (mm)
Max. Weight over table 3000 (kg)
Max. Boring diameter 350 (mm)
GR3-W - Geminis Lathes

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