Horizontal lathes

Always ahead

Multiprocess: our extensive catalog of devices and solutions enables a wide range of machining operations.

Ergonomics: Geminis lathes are conceived to ensure efficient work and occupational safety.

Eco-design: the lathes have been developed under eco-design parameters in order to reduce environmental impacts in all phases of the machine life cycle.

Specialization: our applications engineering means we can create the machine our customers need.

Realiability: Geminis lathes are manufactured according to the highest quality standards on the most robust framework in the market so they can meet the most demanding requirements throughout the machine’s service life.

Horizontal lathe GT5i - Machine tool - Geminis Lathes


Horizontal lathe GT7i - Machine tool - Geminis Lathes


Horizontal lathe GT9i - Machine tool - Geminis Lathes


Horizontal lathe GT11i - Machine tool - Geminis Lathes