Our customers are our best guarantee.

At GEMINIS we have an engineering team that provides customers with machining solutions, we advise them by indicating the best solution for their needs, we develop R&D projects with them, we commit to long-term support.

At GEMINIS we have an extensive catalog of standardised solutions that allow us to configure the machine that best adapts to customers’ machining and productivity needs. Our technicians support customers when determining the configuration that best satisfies their OEE availability, performance and quality objectives.

At GEMINIS, we have developed a very competitive solution for complex and high added value parts, which can be machined from start to finish, without releasing them from the clamping elements. This increases the lathe OEE availability and the machining quality, as it prevents downtime due to machine changeovers, standardising the machining."

GT11i GT11i G2/G4
Swing over bed 2400 - 3500 (mm)
Length 1…24 (m)
Maximum weight between centers 45000-150000 (kg)
Headstock power (S1-100%/S6-40%) 113/166 - 182/272 (kw)
Headstock torque (S1-100%/S6-40%) 54000/79500 - 87300/130500 (Nm)
Horizontal lathe GT11i - Machine tool - Geminis Lathes

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