Geminis Smart Manufacturing. Industry 4.0

We integrate digital decision-making solutions that boost productivity and planning in machining processes, as well as the quality of the work done:
· relevant information capture from our equipment.
· direct or remote information display.
· information analysis.

The best tool to know the state and performance of all your machine, and increase their eff iciency, quality and profi tability.

Using smart sensors and with an interface developed by GEMINIS, we achieve the integral management of all the Industry 4.0 solutions, simplifying the planning process.

There are multiple advantages:

  • · Screen with attractive and direct design.
  • · It provides additional information about the processes in execution, from any device with Internet connection.
  • · Clear data about the temperature, electricity consumption and speed state of the different motors.
  • · It permits the selection of cutting conditions.
  • · Information about the demand that the machining process makes to the engines.
  • · Information about total time elapsed of the program in execution.
  • · Data on position and type of tools in use, and on activated alarms.
  • · Real-time display and analysis of the execution of the machining operations.
  • · The custom developed software safely sends the main parameters to the cloud: downtime, real machining times, power consumed,...
  • · Integration with CAD/CAM and ERP programs without requiring additional hardware.
  • · Verification of the maintenance operations required and job planning instructions.
  • . OEE calculation.
  • . Statistics history for analysis.

We use smart sensors controlled by applications installed in our machines.

  • · Temperature compensation system.
  • · Smart tail stock.
  • · Tool wear prediction.
  • · Tool breakage prediction.
  • · Dynamic part balancing system.
  • · Dynamic Grinding wheel balancing system.
  • · Smart lubrication.
  • · Kinematic axis adjustment.
  • · Compensación volumétrica.
  • · Specific machining cycles.
  • · 3D monitoring.
  • · Predictive analysis of bearings.
  • · Predictive analysis of gearings.
  • · Guide adjustment analysis.

Interface developed by GEMINIS for the integral management of all the Industry 4.0 solutions.

  • · Monitoring.
  • · Geminis Smart Factory.
  • · Integral tool management.
  • · Integrated maintenance plan.
  • · Integrated user manual.
  • · Drawing viewer.
  • · Specifi c machining cycle library.
  • · Self-diagnosis cycles.

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