Sustainability is real at GEMINIS: long-life lathes for a responsible future


At GEMINIS we are fully aware of the environmental situation we face. Therefore, in the design of our products and services, we identify, control and constantly improve the environmental aspects throughout their life cycle, trying to reduce and improve their environmental impact. Proof of this is that our eco-design management system is certified with the ISO 14006:2011 standard.

Our focus is on the process of designing and manufacturing robust machines with a longer service life, trying to reduce the environmental impact in all phases of the machine cycle.

Applying eco-design in the manufacture of machining lathes allows us to identify energy saving measures and achieve these savings, to reduce electrical losses, allowing us to change materials, improve energy efficiency and reduce or eliminate lubricants, thus having a positive impact on the environment.

On the other hand, toxicity, material hygiene, the structure and durability of our products, materials and finishes are all aspects that we take into account in the manufacturing process to make our machines the most environmentally friendly lathes. Internal management and customer service are not forgotten either.

Benefits of eco-design applied to GEMINIS developments:

  • Noise reduction.
  • Better use of lubricants and coolants.
  • Possibility of multi-process machining.
  • Improved chip recycling.
  • Less consumption/energy saving.
  • Lower cycle times
  • Improved energy performance.
  • Less heat generation.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Remote servicing to resolve minor problems.
  • Feed control.
  • Elimination of downtime for cleaning.
  • No use of paints with toxic components and reduced use of solvents.