Machining at MEKALERUN: a key partner in the reliability of GEMINIS equipment


GEMINIS counts on MEKALERUN as a strategic partner. MEKALERUN's experience and capabilities contribute to the success of leading machine tool manufacturing companies and in the case of GEMINIS to manufacture equipment with the highest standards of precision, quality and reliability.

Advantages of the GEMINIS-MEKALERUN collaboration

Integral machining of guides 

Thanks to its large milling and grinding machine, MEKALERUN can machine beds over 20 metres long and 3 metres wide. This total control in the machining of the guides is vital for the precision and durability of the lathes.

This integral machining allows GEMINIS to manufacture equipment of very large dimensions with high reliability.

Headstocks machining

MEKALERUN specialises in machining headstocks and other structural elements, such as tailstocks and steadies, paying particular attention to bearing housings and shafts.

This expertise in headstocks machining has many beneficial effects: guaranteeing the maximum performance of the drives, reducing heat generation, controlling precision and extending the service life of the equipment.

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