Our customers are our best guarantee.

Under the name of GEMINIS and as a leading brand with more than 60 years experience and acknowledged prestige, we develop horizontal and multi-process lathes with cutting-edge technology.


Multiprocess manufacturing solutions adjusted to customer needs. We integrate the processes of turning, milling, boring and grinding in one single machine architecture, besides the processes of measurement and welding.

All processes are easy to operate, facilitating automatic changes of process and of accessories and devices, so that parts can be finished in one session with no machine changes.


We design machines with workers in mind, because we design them with the end-users.

The machines we conceive are therefore more accessible and easy to use, with fast tool changing, integrated tool storage, electric components shielded from chips or mobile operator cabins. Also, the HMI technology allows friendly interaction between operator and machine.


We speak of specialization at two levels. In multisector solutions with applications in specific machining cycles for strategic sectors (energy, railways, construction, equipment, iron & steel, defense, oil & gas).

And specialization in comprehensive design and manufacturing, controlling the entire process internally and working with research centers and customers.


We have very demanding verification processes as well as acceptance protocols that enable us to guarantee the high precision of our machines.

Thanks to our contrasted technology, we make highly reliable long-lasting machines with a service life four times greater than the depreciation period.

Our customers’ loyalty attests to our quality and know-how. We are partners of leading manufacturers in their sectors.

We are a pioneering group in the conception of new engineering techniques.

Our customers are our best guarantee.

Extensive technological know-how along with high service, assistance and response capacity.

And with the great advantage of having the close collaboration of the company MEKALERUN, expert mechanizers with more than 30 years of experience.

MEKALERUN, located in the same facilities as GEMINIS LATHES, mechanizes the structural elements of the machines, which gives us control over the critical processes of the manufacturing of the machines and allows us to reach the quality standards.


GEMINIS forms part of MAHER HOLDING, an industrial group comprised of machinetool specialist companies, which provides a portfolio of machining solutions geared towards the industry’s complex needs.

Solutions based on a robust and tested usercentred technology, ue to its ease of use and flexibility.

The collective capacities of the group subsidiary companies focus on offering a high degree of specialisation in high value added niche sectors that demand high technological specialization.

To learn more about MAHER HOLDING, GEMINIS and sudsidiary companies:

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Quality, Safety, Environment and Ecodesing

We manufacture all of the machines we develop under CE marking, the fundamental indicator of product conformity with European Union legislation. In our efforts to demonstrate our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and on-going improvement, we have received the following certifications from Bureau Veritas:

ISO 9001: quality management and ongoing improvement system to increase customer satisfaction.

ISO 14001: environmental management standard for complying with legislation concerning and environmental protection.

ISO 14006: environmental management standard intended to reduce our machines’ impact throughout their life cycle: design, manufacture, distribution, use, maintenance and assessment (at the end of their life cycle).

Both ISO 14001 and ISO 14006 certify compliance with sustainable parameters, including eco-design whose purpose is to take preventive measures to reduce environmental impacts.

As an organisation committed to the safety of our staff and our workplace, we operate under the internationally accepted OHSAS 18001 (in process of adaptation to the new ISO 45001: 2018) specification for the establishment, introduction and operation of an effective Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


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