Goratu and IK4-TEKNIKER launch a new line of top-of-the-range vertical lathes onto the market

15 Sep 2015 15 September, 2015

Goratu and the R&D centre IK4-TEKNIKER have joined forces to launch onto the market a new product line consisting of top-of-the-range vertical lathes, bearing the commercial name Geminis VL, and offering a whole host of applications in strategic sectors internationally, such as the aircraft, gas & oil and energy sectors.

The new product, which incorporates a high technology component and which will be manufactured at the cutting-edge facilities at Arrona (Gipuzkoa), is due to be presented officially in October at stand B22-C27 in pavilion 01 at the EMO in Milan, the main fair worldwide in the machine-tool sector.
Geminis VL is the result of the collaboration that Goratu and IK4-TEKNIKER have been pursuing for many years in connection with the GMTK business project. The company, which has been experiencing difficulties getting its brand onto the market, is now aiming to relaunch itself with the product that has seen the greatest success among its customers.


These are multi-process vertical lathes, an innovative, customised product incorporating the latest advances in process engineering to achieve increases in productivity. Equipment of this type has already been installed by GMTK in companies such as ITP, the Basque multinational aircraft engine company, which has rated them very satisfactorily.

State-of-the-art product
Geminis VL has been developed on a broad experience and knowledge base involving machining processes and the optimum cutting conditions of various materials. This know-how in application engineering has been transferred to a configuration of machine that is rigid and at the same time dynamic and in which each axis is capable of offering drive systems with a high, dynamic removal capability (up to a speed of 40 m/min with an acceleration of up to 3.5 m/ sec2). The balance between dynamics and strength has been translated into significant improvements in productivity because it allows work to be carried out by adapting to the cutting conditions of each process and material.
At the same time, empty movement times (changes of tools and accessories, measurements, etc.) are reduced to a high degree; the more complex the machining process is and the higher the added value involved is, the more important this becomes. The rigidity of the structure linked to optimized, hydrostatic guiding systems and thermal stability control guarantee maximum precision and reliability to tackle complex, high added-value machining tasks.

A solid project
This product will therefore be the cornerstone of the new phase of GMTK, which has the endorsement of IK4-TEKNIKER as its R&D partner and Goratu as its industrial partner. The machine-tool company will be distributing the Geminis VL through its large distribution network, thus providing a more comprehensive offer which will comprise horizontal lathes (Geminis) and vertical ones (Geminis VL).
The R&D centre for its part has put its commitment to GMTK within the framework of its line of transfer in which it collaborates with some of its customers to launch spin-offs onto the market. The aim is to launch high added-value competitive products internationally.
In the words of Ainhoa Rementería, CEO of Goratu, “Geminis VL vertical lathes are the perfect complement for our company’s portfolio of products being able to present a comprehensive offer” and she pointed out, “I believe this new phase is going to allow this solid project, which provides a differential value on the market, to be relaunched”.
For his part, IK4-TEKNIKER’s CEO Alex Bengoa valued the collaboration between the company and the R&D centre: “The union provides strength, and in this case the new project brings together a reliable business trajectory with an R&D partner with expertise in the machine-tool sector and in the transfer of technology to the market.”